Terms and Conditions


Payment Details:

  •         All accounts are due within 15 days of the billing date. Interest charges of 2% per month are applied to all outstanding                    balances. Apply for Business Account only.
  •         All accounts outstanding for 60 days will automatically be put on a cash basis.
  •         Resident account, Pay after drop off.
  •         Round trip with have return trip with 10% off.


  •        Rates applicable for services of one vehicle and one operator only. Rates do not cover marking, tagging, stencilling, supply of           packaging materials, packaging, crafting, boxing, unpacking, sorting, stacking, storage, waiting, delays or any other services             required. All items must be wrapped, packaged and labelled for safe handling. Carrier may refuse shipments not packaged for           safe handling or practical transportation.
  •       Rates subject to change without prior notice.

Overweight Shipments:

  •         Trust Max Courier, subject to provincial operating authorities, may limit shipment weight.
  •         All bicycle courier downtown core shipments are based upon 0-5 lbs. All shipments over 5 lbs are handled via vehicle courier.
  •         All vehicle courier Lower Mainland shipments based upon 0- 20lbs. Overweight shipments levied $0.10/pound surcharge.
  •         Out of town shipment base on 0-20lb. Over weight shipments levied per pound charges determined by destination.
  •         Dimensional weight based upon minimum 20 lbs per cubic foot.

Normal Business hours:

  •          7:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday to Friday.
  •          Weekends, Holidays and after hours: appointment only.

After Hour:

  •          After Normal Business Hours weekdays, weekends and holidays with prior arrangement. M1 service only.   

Additional Time:

  •          Rates include normal loading and unloading to maximum 10 minutes. Additional time charged at $0.50/minute increments           when:

                           -          Delivery is not ready.

                           -          Delivery cannot be located.

                           -          Carrier has to spend extra time to fulfill obligations for client.

                           -          Certified cheque at the bank will charge on top of service fee.

C.O.D Shipments:

  •          C.O.D Shipment are accepted. We Accept E-transfer, Credit Card, American Express as payments.

Dangerous Goods:

  •          Dangerous Goods transported subject to shipper’s compliance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Trust               Max Courier‘s license. All dangerous goods must be shipped via M1 service and declared as must by shipper. Additional                   charges will apply based on commodity description.


  •          A service charge equal to a delivery within the same zone to a maximum of $5.00 will be levied for any pick up attempt                  where:

                         -          No shipment is obtained

                         -          Delivery has been cancelled upon driver’s arrival.


  •          Refund 100% will be given back if cancelation made before driver arrive.
  •          100% If the order is not successful (Driver fault due to lost/ wrong drop off location)

Critical Time Deliveries:

  •          Trust Max Courier does not take financial responsibility for deliveries to arrive at a specified time such as: tenders, bank                   deposits, airlines tickets, property taxes, etc. This is due to interlining between carriers, traffic, weather, and unforeseen                     circumstances over which Trust Max Courier has no control.

Tender Documents:

  •          Trust Max Courier does not take responsibility for tenders for arrival at a specified time. This is due to interlining with                     carriers, traffic, weather, and unforeseen circumstances over which Trust Max Courier has no control.

Proof of Delivery:

  •          Document Proof of Delivery (P.O.D), including signature and time of delivery, will be provided at no additional charge.
  •          If customer refuse receipt of the product or if the customer cannot be contacted even by 1 week after arrival time, then the               product will be returning with M5 return service charge.

Volume Discounts:

  •          Discounts based on high volume are adjusted download if actual volume is below that agreed.

Limitation of Liability:

  •          Trust Max Courier liability is limited to the cost of delivery only. Carriers shall not be liable for the consequence of delay or              misdelivery. All shipments valued at $2.00/pound when no value is declare at time of ordering service to a maximum                        $40.00/shipment for reconstruction purposes only.
  •          Loss or damage declared value of Lower Mainland shipments available after $40.00 of declared value at $3.00 per $100.00 of           declared value. Items value declared over $40.00 must be authorized by Trust Max Courier Management.
  •          Loss or damage insurance of Lower Mainland shipments available after $500.00 of declared value. Declared value must be               declared at order time. Customer must provide copy of receipt of declared value. Items valued over $500.00 must be                         authorized by Trust Max Courier Management.

Note: Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice