On Time - Same Day Delivery Service in Metro Vancouver & Surrounding Areas

Trust Max Courier strongly believes in being punctual and trustworthy. Our staff are friendly and reliable and always provide best customer service. We take care of your goods like our own!



Trust Max Courier was established for safety and timing demand in courier/delivery service. Today, Trust Max Courier proudly has grown to become one of the most trusted courier companies in Vancouver. Trust Max Courier is the first choice for local businesses in Vancouver.

Trust Max Courier takes full advantage of recent technology advances by using the Internet and two-way mobile data, empowering our clients to manage all aspects of their accounts, from account creation to courier delivery confirmation.

On-line order tracking will include time dispatched, acknowledgment by the messenger, pick-up and delivery, including a POD signature, all provided in real time. This information, as well as many additional on-line reporting capabilities, is available whether you order via the Internet or by phone with our customer service representative.

We take pride in keeping our promise to you.


We pick up & deliver in Metro Vancouver & surrounding areas. Trust Max Courier services include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Cheques, cash & bank deliveries
  • Mail
  • Boxes & parcels
  • Gifts
  • Flowers
  • Liquor
  • Food & groceries
  • Clothes & personal shopping
  • Medical lab & pharmacy
  • Cakes
  • Local package
  • Legal documents
  • Tax reports
  • Supply chain


Always providing the best courier service in Vancouver.